Saturday, December 19, 2015

Should i take it easy?

8 months just past like that. With a blink of an eye and I'm already at the stage where expectation of me being able to produce results come rushing in. Can he start contributing to the organization already?

It has been one hell of a rollercoaster for 2015 as far as I'm concerned. I have finally finished my original thesis, graduate with a first class honors, travel to a foreign country with my close buddies, wrap up my convocation, and now. What it looks to be a dream job for many, I's sky-rocketing myself through the year. Looking back at what 2015 has been. What more could I want? I have great company, great relationship with the bosses, great girlfriend, a dream job and everything else that seems to be like a bed of roses.

But I still do wonder, does my presence gives any difference to the market place right now? Trust me, I know that I'm still new into this environment and I'm still learning as well as upgrading myself to be competent day by day but I do wonder myself.


Is anybody else facing the same thing as I do? Constantly doing the tug and pull with time until you wished that you could have more than 24 hours in a day.

Or is it that I'm taking life a tad bit too fast?

LIfe of a lone Engineer

They say that the working environment is a wild jungle filled with many uncertainties and hardship. They ain't lying. It true.

It has already been 8 months since a bright looking fresh graduate like me seeking for an adventure in the working world. A 23 year old, leaving the good ol' cozy bed for the very last time, travelling away about 200 kilometers to seek for a great place to belong.

I have to admit, I have actually seen this coming. That I would experience a totally new life, sorta like a "reset" button in life has been pushed. No familiar faces around, new surrounding, new way of working things around (no more spoon feeding) and everything else but normal. Although it has been expected that I would face such circumstances, I am yet to be able to fully taken things under my control.

Is life going to get tougher? YES. but LIFE have to carry on.

Yeap. Life definitely have to carry on. Is that even a question? Time does not wait for you even if you are struggling in life. So what happens now? I truly believe that time is the master of all. It matures you, teaches you that through time and time again when you make a mistake. It will be fine and when you learn your mistake, you will move on and hopefully to push you to greater heights.

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Week 1

I have finally started my final semester of my degree course. What a journey it has been. The path where i obtain that scroll was filled with so much adventure. Be it good or bad. It was an experience that would make me never to regret over my lifetime. The phase to adulthood has creeping in ever so quickly and yet I felt no change in the way I act or the way I lead my life.

So should I really get something going? Like a vision or a “What do I see in myself in 10 years time” scheme? Or am I worrying way over the top?

Many have questioned me on how am I going to be when I leave the doorstep of my childhood. Honestly speaking, I am a little afraid of what is going to happen in the next few years. Having a such bleak imagination of what is going to happen gives me a certain chills that I don’t usually have. Well, at least this is at least keeping me sane for now.

Going through life as how it goes may come as an excuse of not looking forward or being afraid to accept the fact that you need to be the way it is. God will always being in there for you to be a light (or at least what everyone say it would be). So will you allow HIM to take control?


Honestly, what you got to lose? That’s the only think you could hang on to. He knows your future when no one knows or at least “predict or assume” to know. But the fact to tell everyone or to your loved ones that you do not have a plan but to trust HIM only is nonsensical but yet utter true!!

Well am i explaining about faith or something else that I was actually talking about? I did post a similar writing in which I was contemplating on the course or the suitable University that I should go and look how far has it brought me to. I’m still well and once again going back into a loop where I hesitate to take another step of faith. Because I think when the age catches up, each step takes a bigger load. But does it have to be like that every time?

Thursday, October 9, 2014

Productivity productivity

Hitting a high note on productivity does not mean it last.. Having a productive day means having yourself to achieve on what you planned to do for the day. So as for being motivated for a short time being does not means you are able to stay the same for a long period.. So how do you last that long in terms of having that motivation and focus on whatever you are trying to do?

I take the term simply like a marathon. Compared to a sprint, a marathon is no simple task where one has to reserve very much of its physical strength  as well as mental strength to complete the race for a long period of time. So its safe to say that having a productive day is like having a marathon race.

Often people are confused on being motivated and also being productive. One always thinks that if the person wakes up in the morning with a brilliant idea, he or she will work on that for the whole day long. That is true and also not true depending on how the person handle the situation.

It is a common situation where some came up with a quick idea but often find themselves tired or reluctant to move on after they reach an impasse. So how do we do keep that 'adrenaline rush' in us to keep on doing what we do?


The big question always come in our mind when we have an idea. What are we going to do about it? I love the phrase coming from a book that i read. It says that the word WHY is a very powerful word in influencing the people around you. Instead, why don't we have that very same concept 

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

A hunger for something fresh

Hunger by definition it is to have a strong desire or craving for. That is what is lacking in most part of our life's journey where we simply tag along with life. Not wanting to know what's new or what can be done. As for engineering, the core belief that was vested in us as to always to keep improving and striving for something new. Yet, we always found ourselves lacking or demotivated by the fact that what we dreamt off will always be to far fetched. Is it true? Are we always dreaming too big? Or are we not doing enough?

There is a saying that when a man stops thinking, he is better off dead or to be deemed useless in the society. Do we still have that hunger in us? 

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Sweet holidays.... lying...this holiday or so called my semester break is not sweet at all...its boring yo~~especially when you are stuck at home and you have ntg to do but to blog about sad right?when time do fly by if you are not having fun at all.I guess my holidays are ending in about a month or so?Luckily i have booked myself to an awesome trip to langkawi with my buddies...Man , it has been ages since i have been there and also on vacation..the last was like 13 years old?6 years already and finally im going on to my very own vacation away from my parents (not that i don't want to be with them)well , it's kinda nice when you will b relaxing with your old friends not to mention your best frens...well , theres only 10 days left to my vacation!!!so let's hope for the best!!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

apa ni?

guess my life is less (lifeless - get it?) and i'm back...yup , you heard me..guess nobody is in here (that's the main reason why im back)So. in order to keep myself sane enough for this life i'm gonna write random stuff that is in my head just to keep me out of any done with facebook where people keep comment bout stuff that you might like/dislike what the heck , let me just write stuff and nobody can do anything about it ..i think thats why blogs are created right?

So..what are my new obsession this time around??well i have a new digital camera..well sort i'm gonna use this blog as my new hobby of taking photos and hopefully edit them and post it up over here...maybe other stuff that i wanna throw it all bear with me.. :)